@article{Hansen:sr0098, author = "Hansen, S.", title = "{Calculation of small-angle scattering profiles using Monte Carlo simulation}", journal = "Journal of Applied Crystallography", year = "1990", volume = "23", number = "4", pages = "344--346", month = "Aug", doi = {10.1107/S0021889890002801}, url = {https://doi.org/10.1107/S0021889890002801}, abstract = {A method for calculating small-angle scattering profiles using Monte Carlo simulation of the scattering volume is described. From the simulated volume the distance distribution function is calculated directly and a simple Fourier transformation produces the scattering profile. The method is easy to apply to molecules of any shape and composition. Here it is tested against the theoretical profile for a sphere and for an ellipsoid. Finally, the method is applied to a scatterer composed of three spheres connected by a long rod (a model for the biomolecule fibrinogen).}, }