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Calculates neutron scattering profiles of proteins and nucleic acids from input structures.


The Cryson module is accessible from the Retired section of the main menu.

Basic Usage

The purpose of the module is calculate neutron scattering profiles from a user supplied structure file. It is configured to handle trajectory input files (DCD or PDB).

Complete usage notes can be found at the EMBL site for Cryson.


Screen Shots and Description of Input Fields

This example calcualtes a SANS profile for hiv1 GAG protein.

inline image

Example Output

inline image

The output will indicate the number of processed frames and the location of the scattering profiles.

Results will be written to a new directory within the given "run name". For example, in the figure it is noted that the structures and dimensions were saved files within the current project directory within the chosen "run name" directory:




Files Used and Created in Example


Source code is not accessible to troubleshoot usage and physical details of the calculator.

Reference(s) and Citations

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