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Calculates polar solvation energy from user supplied structures using the Adaptive Poisson-Boltzman Solver (APBS) software package.


The APBS module is accessible from the Analyze section of the main menu.

Basic Usage

The purpose of the module is calculate the polar solvation energy for input structures. If the input structures are specified as a multi-frame DCD or PDB file, the polar solvation energy is calculated for each frame in the file. The module incorporates the APBS software package and writes the APBS input file for simplified execution of the calculation.


Screen Shots and Description of Input Fields

This example calculates solvation free energies for a 10-mer polypeptide molecule.

inline image

inline image

Example Output

inline image

Results are written to a new directory within the given "run name" as noted in the output.

Several files are generated and saved to the "run name"/apbs directory.

run_0/apbs/ten_mer.pdb                  -- the reference PDB file
run_0/apbs/apbs_00001.pdb               -- the input PDB file 
run_0/apbs/abps_00001_pdb2pqr.dat       -- the PDB2PQR output file
run_0/apbs/apbs_00001.propka            -- the pKa predictor output file
run_0/apbs/apbs_00001.pqr               -- the PDB file with atomic charge and radius
run_0/apbs/                -- input file for APBS
run_0/apbs/             -- I/O capture from APBS (for debugging)
run_0/apbs/apbs_00001.out               -- output file containing the solvation energy

The polar solvation energy is found at the bottom of the file ending in .out. In this example, it is 557.4 kJ/mol. If there is more than one frame in the input PDB or DCD file, there will be multiple .out files.



Files Used and Created in Example


Currently, users cannot submit their own APBS input files to access other functionality of the APBS-PDB2PQR package.

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